The governing of this congregation is by its membership. Its members control all of its affairs, subject to the laws of the State of Missouri relating to non-profit organizations. The members govern by electing a council called the consistory. The consistory is composed of eight members who serve a term of four years. Congregational members meet annually to elect consistory members and other persons to leadership positions. Congregational meetings are called to decide matters of buying or selling property, building projects, extensive repairs of church property, the calling of a Pastor, questions of policy, and changes in the By-Laws. All other matters are entrusted to the consistory who meet monthly. (Information in this section is taken from the constitution for the United Church of Christ of California, MO.)

2020 Consistory Members and Responsibilities

Allison Kruger (2017-2021)

Andy Burger (2017-2021)
Vice President, Memorial Committee

Allan Mortenson (2019-2023)
Treasurer, Stewardship Committee

Tammy Kilmer (2018-2022)
 Financial Secretary, Evangelism Committee, Stewardship Committee

Lexi Hall (2018-2022)

Ronnie Kissick (2020-2024)
Building & Grounds, Nominating Committee

Laura Burger (2020-2024)
Local Benevolence, Nominating Committee

This congregation is a member of the United Church of Christ (national), the Missouri Mid-South Conference of the UCC (state) and its Western Association (region). We send delegates to meetings and conferences to represent us.

Click here for the website for the Missouri Mid-South Conference

Our Missouri Midsouth Conference Minister is the Rev. Dr. Ginny Brown Daniels.  She was unanimously elected on November 14, 2015, at a special Conference meeting at Columbia UCC.  To learn more about her background and accomplishments, click here.