First Things First

Welcome to UCC! We are so glad you have taken the first step to a more connected life with the UCC of California. The following material is provided as a resource and a helpful guide to orient you toward who we are, who we follow, and why we are so passionate about Jesus Christ. We want to present Jesus Christ as the sole purpose for why we exist, why we gather as His followers, and why we preach and worship Him with such excitement.

Our Vision

To guide people of all backgrounds into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. We want to love God, love people, and make disciples of Jesus.

Who We Are

Every sermon and lesson will be based on Biblical truths and texts. We believe that God has revealed His will and we look to the Bible to discover it.

We believe Jesus is the one and only Son of God, who died for our sins, arose from the dead, and now all authority is given to Him.

There are many areas in our church where you can use your unique, God-given talents. We call on shut-ins, those in the nursing homes, help at the food bank, and many other charities in the community. We strive each year to give 10% of our budget to missions.

An Encouraging Group of People
We believe God has placed us on this earth for several purposes. One of those is to fellowship with others. We want to build relationships that help strengthen each other and encourage one another through daily struggles and problems, and to rejoice through times of rejoicing.

Committed to Help Your Family
Your children, your marriage, and your relationship with God are very important to us and we want to help make your family successful.

God’s authoritative Word, the Bible, is the Holy Spirit’s primary means to transform lives. Our passion is to help people understand and apply the Scriptures in a manner that shapes the way they live in today’s world. We seek to take seriously our call to “make disciples” by teaching the truths of Scripture as well as how to study Scripture for themselves.

What We Expect

We want to be authentic people known for our transparency, integrity, and sincerity of heart. We want to serve Christ by creating an environment that allows people to be who they are as they are first introduced to the Gospel and then grow into the image of Jesus Christ. Our vision is for the transformation of the whole person and their whole life. Our goal for every believer is to have them involved in worship every week plus involved in Bible Study and serving. We believe these three components need to be surrounded by Prayer.