This congregation owns, operates, and maintains the Evangelical Cemetery. The management and supervision of all cemetery affairs are entrusted to the Cemetery Board elected by the congregation. Members and former members are eligible to be buried here.

The Cemetery Committee has approved several projects to improve the aesthetics and safety of the Evangelical Cemetery.  First, the Committee has identified 157 headstones and 65 military markers, flat stones, and wedge-style stones in the oldest area of the cemetery, Section A, to be leveled, raised, realigned, or otherwise repaired (such as headstones that have come loose from their base).  This project is expected to take approximately two years to complete.  The Committee will evaluate Sections B and C once the work is completed in Section A.  Second, the Committee has approved restoration work on the mausoleum to address the deterioration of the stonework.  Finally, the Committee has engaged a contractor to construct stone entrance markers at the third driveway to match the entrance markers at the two other driveways.  Like the existing entrance markers, an engraved dedication stone can be included if a church member is interested in donating the cost of erecting the entrance marker.  If interested, please contact Darryl Elliott at (573) 690-1119 to inquire about availability and cost.  The Cemetery Committee believes these three projects are necessary to maintain the quality of the Evangelical Cemetery for future years.  Questions about these projects can be directed to Darryl Elliott at (573) 690-1119, Kent Hees at (573) 796-3557, or Leroy Schnieders at (573) 338-1428.