This annual event involves the whole congregation for a week in July each summer. It centers on a theme that helps children from 3 years old – 5th grade to learn more about Jesus and their faith. Youth and adults serve as teachers and leaders.

2016 VBS…July 18-22  from 6:30-8:30 p.m.  2016vbslogo
VBS was once again under the direction of Courtney Cassil and Becky Schneider.  VBS Directors 15

Photos from Monday:  Bible verse:  Genesis 6:8 “Noah found grace in the eyes of the Lord”

Registration  theme mural  Young helpers prepare experiment
Registration                                                                              Mural on Stage                                                                   Young helpers prepare experiment

opening  singing  docoration
Opening for all ages.                                                                         Singing songs enthusiastically                                                      Decorations

Learning life lessons from Noah:                                                         Telling story of Noah  sound of rain                                                            Noah was a good person who followed God when those around him didn’t.

* Standing for God (even when it means standing alone)

R: Simulating the sound of rain getting stronger



experiment water oil  science experiment water and oil  making lighthouses
Science experiment using oil and water showing oil floating on water.                                                                Making lighthouses that point the way in a storm, as                                                                                                                                                                                                         God protects and guides us in or lives.

snack  Snacktime 1  Snacktime 2
Healthy snack                                                                                                                              Time for Food and Fellowship

Each night the offering goes to MCMC Buddy Packs.       Preschoolers do crafts, too.                                 Kiddos make parachute move like ocean waves.  buddy pack  Preschoolers make lighthouses  preschool active inside

Photos from Tuesday:  Bible Verse:  John 14: 15  “If you love me, keep my commandments.”

measuring ark T  * Obeying God (no matter what)   preschoolers act out building the ark T
L: Elementary kids learned that Noah followed  God’s command to build the ark. Children pretended to be ark inspectors and ‘inspected’ an imaginary ark and talked about the details  and features of the ark.               R:  Preschoolers acted out building the ark.


More water games on hot night T         prayer before snack
More water games on a hot night.                                                                                     Saying a prayer before snack time…

Helpers eat, too T  yummy snack T  snack time T
Helpers eat, too!                                                                                       Yummy treats – ice cream floats – great for a hot night!

Kitchen help  Art projects waiting to be finished T  Kim reminds why building lighthouse
Thanks for great snacks this week!                                      Craft projects waiting to be finished.                                 Lighthouses remind us God guides us.

ps decorating crosses 2  ps decorating crosses  ps decorating crosses 3
Preschoolers decorate crosses with sea shells to remind us God loves us and takes care of us just like he did for Noah and his family.

Photos from Wednesday:  Bible Verse:  Psalm 31: 14  “I trust in you, O Lord; I say, ‘You are my God.'”

Another Life Lesson from Noah:    Bible story W                                                                                      lifesaver cookies
* Trusting God (He’s a life saver)

L:  Noah listened to God and trusted
that He would protect his family.

R:  Even the snack echoed the Bible


waiting in shade 2 W waiting in shade W   relay race 2 WRunning a relay race and waiting turn in the shade.


stringing bracelet 2 W    stringing bracelet W  Courtney and Becky details
Meanwhile, inside kids are stringing a bracelet…                                                                           …while leaders review details to keep VBS running smoothly.

Each evening closes with an assembly in Friendship Hall.  Once again we sing, review the lesson theme for the evening and review the Bible verses we’ve read.
Closing 2  enthusiastic leadership W  Closing 4 Closing 6 Closing 1

Photos from Thursday:  Bible Verse: I Thessalonians 5:18a  “…in everything give thanks….”

Noah bulletin board TH  Puppet Noah TH  PS attentive listeners TH
Noah was protrayed by a puppet to attentive preschoolers.

intent listening TH  Last Life Lesson from Noah:reviewing Bible verses TH
*Thanking God (in everything)
Elementary children were given a colorful eraser to remind them to remember the rainbow – God’s promise never to flood the whole earth;  work carefully – maybe you won’t need an eraser; if you do make a mistake – the eraser can wipe it away, just as God can wipe away our mistakes or sins.

PS snack TH            older kids snack TH  Bible verse box TH
Gathering for a yummy snack.

everyone gets picture taken  Courtney taking pictures to remember VBS    PS craft TH
Everyone had a picture taken to remember their VBS experience.                                                     Last night to make and finish craft projects.

PS craft 2 TH  making fossil mold TH  fossil art TH

Thanks to all who helped in any way or donated items for snacks or crafts.

2016 VBS by the numbers:  74 children enrolled, averaged 65 per evening
                                                                   30-35 helpers each evening
                                                                    160 in attendance for Friday night Fish Fry
                                                                    Total offering for the week for MCMC Buddy Pack Program = $520.00