All ages gather together each Sunday morning at 9:30 AM to sing, to share joys and concerns, to listen to a timely message, and to collect an offering to support the Sunday School. We celebrate birthdays and anniversaries with a song and a special offering to Festival of Sharing. Coffee, juice and goodies are available as we gather.

  SS opening Laura leading   SS opening Larry piano Laura leading                                  Children enjoy taking the offering.                      Laura Burger leads the opening.                            Volunteer piano players add to the singing.

Sunday School is in the Ministry of Transforming Lives  


Our Sunday School has held a “Rally Sunday” annually for as long as anyone can remember in our church. Eighty plus years ago, those who attended worship also attended Sunday School. It was rare that someone only attended the worship service. According to Carole Beth Bowlin, “Rally Sunday” was a Sunday set aside for celebration.  There was a good attendance for the 2017 edition of Rally Sunday as the pictures show below.

Celebrating Summer Adventures at Church Camp and Eagerness to Return Next Year –  Youth share their experiences as depicted in the photos below:

Next the children and youth classes were introduced.  All received certificates, some were promoted to the next class.rally-day-16-nursery rally-day-16-1-3-grade

Left:  Nursery class / teachers Julie Medlin & Rhonda Mortenson

Right:  Grades 1-3 / teachers Ginnie Medlin & Stacey Bolinger                                                                                                Below left: Left:  5th Grade class  / teacher Beth Dampf                                                                                                            Below right:  Middle School / teacher Courtney Cassil

rally-day-16-5th-grade                                                              rally-day-16-mid-school

rally-day-16-hs                                        High School class / teacher Judy Burger