Good News to Share:

Confirmation on Palm Sunday 4/9/2017
L to R: Garrett, Elizabeth, Ross, Lauren, & Maddie

Confirmation Reception 4/5/2017
L to R:  Kyle, Elizabeth, Garrett, Lauren, & Ross

Confirmands Share Statement of Faith

Ross Deeken 4/5/2017

Kyle Freiner 3/29/2017 (Friend of Congregation)

Lauren Spillars 3/29/2017

Elizabeth Ash  3/22/2017

Garrett Burger  3/15/2017

Madalynn Sedgwick 3/8/17

R.O.K. (Reaching Our Kids)
By-The-Sea: Catch Jesus in Action


   We invite all members  of the tribes of Judah and Benjamin to return for  more hands on activities, singing and crafts as we  learn about Jesus and his love for us.  If you are a 1st – 7th grade student – You Are Welcome!!   Join us on Wednesday evenings from 6:30-7-30 p.m.

Have you got good news to share? Contact Nancy Lewis with information and/or pictures that you’d like to share with our church family.

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2017 Vacation Bible School Dates
Mark your calendar for July 17-21 for VBS with the theme:  Hero Central – Discover Your Strength in God