caring imagePastoral Care

Pastoral care is offered at all stages of life. Our Pastor is available to talk with you confidentially about any concerns you would bring, or when a loved one is ill or has died, or whenever a home or hospital visit would be welcomed. From infant baptism to compassionate ministry at the grave of a loved one, the healing presence of Christ is modeled and communicated with sensitivity and respect.

praying handsPrayer Cell

Individuals who have felt called to spend time in prayer meet in the sanctuary every Tuesday morning from 9 a.m. to 9:30 a.m.  Prayers are lifted up for those listed in the bulletin along with individual requests given to the group.  After updating the weekly prayer list, the group sits in silence to pray.  Each member spends time daily praying for those listed.  If you have a prayer request for the group, you may contact the church office.   All prayer requests given to the group are kept confidential.  The group is open to anyone who feels called to pray for others.